Heartland Friends

Below is a list of our Heartland friends and their websites. You will be able to learn so much from them. All of their testimonies are based on Spiritual Truth. They each present their information with the desire that you may research, study and pray about their message, that it may further strengthen your own personal witness of the divinity of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Book of Mormon Evidence- Rod Meldrum

Moronis America- Jonathan Neville

Jonathan Neville’s Blogs-

LDS Archaeology- Wayne May

Red Ant Speaks- Betty “Red Ant” LaFontaine

Legacy Travel and Tours Mark & Jill Clifford

Lost Civilizations of North America Steven Smoot

Book of Mormon Remnants David Doane

Preparing a People- Mike & Nancy James

Heartland Humor Val Chadwick Bagley

Operation Underground Railroad Tim Ballard

Joseph Smith Academy  James Stoddard and Family

Keeper of the Prophets Sword Howard and Jolene Smith

Blake’s Replicas Steve Blake

Mormon Art and Bronze Steve Glenn

Ken Corbett Art Ken Corbell

Kendra Burton Art  Kendra Burton

Heartland Art David Lindsley

Works of Joseph- Rian Nelson

Read Letter I through Letter VIII at josephsmithpapers.org here