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The purpose of this website is to offer a one-stop Heartland calendar to find presentations, speakers, events, and supporters of the Heartland Model about the Book of Mormon in North America.


  • The Book of Mormon is the Word of God, and a Real History of a Real People
  • Hill Cumorah is only in Manchester, New York
  • The “Plains of the Nephites” are in the Midwest OH, IN, IL
  • Zelph’s Mound is in Valley City, Illinois
  • Adam-ondi-Ahman is in Daviess County, Missouri
  • The Garden of Eden was in Missouri
  • The Center Place of New Jerusalem will be in Independence, Missouri
  • Zarahemla is probably in Montrose, Iowa near Nauvoo
  • Manti is probably in Huntsville, Missouri

We are members in good standing of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We are not endorsed by the Church, yet our message supports all truths of the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ through the Prophet Joseph Smith.

We believe the spiritual confirmation about the truth of the Book of Mormon is critical to all people. We believe that the promise in Moroni 10:4-6 will allow us to know the “Truth of ALL Things”.

Here we share with you many examples of Scriptures, Prophets, Apostles, Leaders, and Saints who have firm beliefs in the Geography of the Book of Mormon in North America. In Joseph Smith’s own words he expresses his feelings that many of the Book of Mormon events were located in North America and more specifically the Heartland of the United States. While on Zion’s Camp march, in 1834 Illinois, Joseph Smith said, “The whole of our journey, in the midst of so large a company of social honest men and sincere men, wandering over the plains of the Nephites, recounting occasionaly the history of the Book of Mormon, roving over the mounds of that once beloved people of the Lord, picking up their skulls & their bones, as a proof of its divine authenticity” Signed, Joseph Smith Jr. Joseph Letter to Emma, 6.4.1834. LINK HERE

“The United States is the promised land foretold in the Book of Mormon—a place where divine guidance directed inspired men to create the conditions necessary for the Restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ.” Elder L. Tom Perry Ensign January 2012 LINK HERE

“There Indeed” by Clark Kelly Price

We believe the Book of Mormon is the word of God. It is a comfort to know that additional knowledge of many of the events of the Book of Mormon Geography happened right here in the Untied States. This makes us love the Book of Mormon even more.

Elder Dallin H. Oaks – while a member of the Quorum of Twelve Apostles – wrote, “The historicity—historical authenticity—of the Book of Mormon is an issue so fundamental that it rests first upon faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, which is the first principle in this, as in all other matters. However, on the subject of the historicity of the Book of Mormon, there are many subsidiary issues that could each be the subject of a book. Those lesser issues are worthy of attention. Elder Neal A. Maxwell quoted Austin Farrer’s explanation: ‘Though argument does not create conviction, the lack of it destroys belief. What seems to be proved may not be embraced; but what no one shows the ability to defend is quickly abandoned. Rational argument does not create belief, but it maintains a climate in which belief may flourish.” LINK HERE

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland said, “My testimony to you tonight is that the gospel is infallibly true and that a variety of infallible proofs supporting that assertion will continue to come until Jesus descends as the ultimate infallible truth of all. Our testimonies aren’t dependent on evidence—we still need that spiritual confirmation in the heart of which we have spoken—but not to seek for and not to acknowledge intellectual, documentable support for our belief when it is available is to needlessly limit an otherwise incomparably strong theological position and deny us a unique, persuasive vocabulary in the latter-day arena of religious investigation and sectarian debate. Thus armed with so much evidence of the kind we have celebrated here tonight, we ought to be more assertive than we sometimes are in defending our testimony of truth.” The Greatness of the Evidence By Elder Jeffrey R. Holland August 16, 2017 Entire Article Here.

Elder B. H. Roberts wrote in 1909: “[The Holy Ghost] must ever be the chief source of evidence for the truth of the Book of Mormon. All other evidence is secondary to this, the primary and infallible. No arrangement of evidence, however skilfully ordered; no argument, however adroitly made, can ever take [the] place [of the Holy Ghost]. Secondary evidences in support of truth, like secondary causes in natural phenomena, may be of first rate importance, and mighty factors in the achievement of God’s purposes” (New Witnesses for God,Salt Lake City, Deseret News, 1909, pp. vi–vii).

June 2017 “Zelph Newsletter” HERE

August 2017 “One Cumorah Newsletter HERE

“Millions have asked the question, ‘Is there Evidence of the Historicity of The Book of Mormon’, because the Book of Mormon is foundational to the Mormon faith – more accurately known as the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  Many have wondered what evidence has been found in its support, as the book asserts to be a record of ancient peoples that came by ship from the Old World region of Israel to the America’s where they developed into large and highly advanced civilizations with written language, walled cities, extensive roads, metal working, agriculture and a multitude of other sophisticated capabilities.

Claims have been made that there is no evidence to support its historical authenticity – or historicity.  This website is devoted to providing numerous ARTICLESVIDEOS and other educational opportunities that demonstrate through archaeology, genetics, linguistics and many other fields that not only is there profound physical evidence for the validity of this ancient historical record, but that this evidence leads to further understandings of where this history actually took place, the role of the Prophet Joseph Smith, and the importance of the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ.” Rod Meldrum, President Firm Foundation Articles Index HERE – Video Gallery HERE.

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